Manitowoc 30″ Koolaire Ice Cube

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  • Model # KD0350A
  • Dimensions: 30″ width x 24.5″ depth x 21.5″ height
  • 5 years, parts and labor | 3 years, compressor
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• Simple design with only three controls: On, Off and Clean. KoolAire ice machines are designed to be simple-to-use.
• High-tech exterior with a smudge and fingerprint resistant stainless-like finish, which keeps it staying and looking cleaner, longer.
• Easy to clean and maintain, with its simple design access to the evaporator and food zone only takes the removal of two screws and an easy, lift-off door. Makes service and cleaning faster, saving you money.
• The food zone uses white plastics making it easier to see which areas need to be cleaned.
• Parts that need to be cleaned can easily be removed without tools. The water shield, distribution tube, pump, floats and the trough can be removed by hand.
• Optional CleanAir™ packs inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that can form slime, decreasing odors, health concerns and potential breakdowns caused by slime.


• Model No.: KD-0350A
• Amount of Ice Produced: Up to 375 lbs. of ice per 24 hours
• Ice Type: Cube
• Cooling Type: Air-cooled
• Dimensions: 30″ width x 24.5″ depth x 21.5″ height
• kWh/100 lbs. of ice: 6.2
• gal/100 lbs. of ice: 22.0
• Voltage: 115/60/1-161
• Minimum Ampacity: 12.1
• Shipping Weight: 153 lbs.
• Refrigerant: R410A

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 50 × 58 in


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